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I offer online training in Stock Markets-

Training program offered by me-
Course- Analyse stocks with the help of charts for Short/Medium term investment/trading Course Name- Stock Markets and Technical Analysis Training

This training is aimed at helping the investors / traders who wish to analyse the stock from short term / Medium term view. My definition for short term is holding period  of 15 days to 3 months and medium is holding period from 3 months to 1 year.

The method of analysis is based on Technical Charts. I prefer conventional method of reading the charts. Hence the focus of training is around price action of a stock. I teach what I do and what I understand. Over a period of time I observed that, while using Technical Analysis (charts), one need to develop and follow his own method. Through this course I help traders / investors to develop their own method, which they will finally be using to pick their own stocks.

The course is more of analysis / practical trading / investing oriented than learning the Technical Analysis. What one need to understand here is that the Technical Analysis is a vast topic. It requires lot of energy and time to learn and adapt to it. This becomes difficult for a part time trader / investor. Hence the course is designed in such a way that the participant will be able to grab the practical part quickly.

I cover following topics in the course-
- Candlestick Patterns and their use for entry and exit in a stock
- Chart patterns to speculate the price action
- Support and resistance for understanding the right location of a stock and for right risk management
- Trends to to decide direction of a trade
- Multiple time frame analysis to understand the broader picture of a stock's price action
-  Selected indicators / oscillators / moving averages to use as a supportive tool
- Brief on money management and risk management
- Brief of trading plan design
- Details of strategy formation and practically using it

Tools offered as part of course-
- Sources (free and paid) for best charting software
- Soft copy of courseware
- Tools and methods for shortlist (Screen) stocks
- Sources to track world markets
- Sources to track latest news in Indian Economy

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Pay online to join the course. All your details will be captured in the payment gateway.

It takes 16 hours to complete this course. The pattern of conducting the course for online method is as this - I prefer to conduct 3 session of 2 hours each in a week. The days are preferably Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Timing is 7 pm to 9 pm. This timing helps working people to adjust the timing. However batch to batch the timing may defer and will be declared separately for each schedule.

Training is conducted through live webinar. Participants will be sent a link on their mail separately for each session. The participants can interact with me any time during the session by un-muting the microphone. By default all the participants are on mute mode.

Hand-holding through Online Practice sessions-
I conduct practice session every Friday evening between 7 to 8 pm. Each participant can attend the practice session for next 6 months from the date of training. We discuss the actual trades / probable patterns during the practice session. This also acts as a guided trading for participants for next 6 months. If participants have difficulty on certain topic, then that can also be discussed.

Language and method of teaching:
I use Hindi and English mixed. I do not like to use difficult terms used in Technical Analysis. So the method of explanation is as simple that it can even be understood by a layman, a new bee to market and still it is as appealing as it is to a veteran trader. Behind every action there is logic explained- why and how. Course notes are prepared keeping in mind the practical application of it.

All this is offered at a cost of Rs 5800/-

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This is what existing participants are saying about the course

In case there is no current schedule for training or in case current schedule is not convenient and you wish to pre-register for future program write me on

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