Friday, April 12, 2013

Technical Analysis to design suitable trading strategy!

Workshop on Technical Analysis and designing of suitable strategy.

Technical Analysis is like a powerful map in deep jungle. It guides us through the jungle of shares in very simplified manner. 

The name Technical Analysis seem to be very complicated, but believe me the fact is oppoisite. Any one can learn and implement the Technical Analysis to reduce losses and increase profits.

Being Financial Planners we feel that literacy about the equities in Indian Markets need to improve. We feel the common man should participate in equity market to earn good returns. 

We are coming up with a 2 days workshop on Technical Analysis for equity market
This workshop will enable you to enter the market confidently. If you are already in the market, TA will be powerful weapon with you to deal with bulls and bears of the market.

Anyone who knows what is Share can participate in the workshop.

To know more about the program, just fill up inquiry form on this site or write to us on or call us on 9371444875

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