Friday, January 12, 2018

Learnings of 2017 - 'Musts' being an Equity Investor

  • Believe in your 'theory'
  • Do simple things, simple analysis
  • Do 'short term trading', if you have qualities of a 'Sky Diver'
  • Method of analysis is last thing, first is approach
  • Choose your investing time frame
  • You are different than others, so is your investing style
  • If you rely on someone else's analysis, do so wholeheartedly
  • Reduce the sources of information

  • Invest in business, if you are a long term investor
  • Trade on price, if you are a relatively short term (may be up to one year) trader
  • Fundamental analysis is good, but very few understands it
  • Technical analysis is good, but very few can implement it
  • If you are not making money in markets, take a break, learn
  • If you are loosing money in markets, take a larger break, learn
  • If you are new, don't start with intraday / Options / Futures
  • It takes time to learn making money in markets, period can be upto 5 years
  • Stay away from free tips
  • Do not try to cross check one's recommendations with some one else, if you believe act, else leave 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Update - Intellect Design Arena - Change in Trend

We had analysed Intellect on 6th November 17. The change in trend has nicely panned out so far. The stock has moved from 147 then to 183 so far. Keep watching for further updates.
Below is the article reproduced for your reference.

Intellect Design Arena - Change in trend

Intellect Design Arena (INTELLECT)
Short Analysis-
The stock has been correcting since last about 10 months. The quantum of the fall is about 65% from its top. The stock has good support near level of 97-110. This support was created when the stock had given a breakout in July 2015.
In Aug 17 the stock reached back to the same level of around 97-100. You can see the trend line marked on daily and weekly chart. This trend line was acting as resistance and was not allowing the stock to move beyond. During the week ended 15 Sep 17 the stock broken out this resistance. That was first symptom that the stock can change its trend from down to up. During last week (Ended on 3 Nov 17) you can see increase in volumes and bullish candles formation on chart.
Expect the stock to continue this uptrend. 

Daily Time Frame

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sudarshan Chemical - Flag Breakout

Sudarshan Chemical-
This stock has seen run up from 134 to 454 during June 16 to Sep 16. This phase has formed pole of the Flag pattern. After this run up the stock went into consolidation between Sep 16 till Dec 17. This phase has formed Flag portion of the Flag pattern. You can seen on the monthly Candle chart below the Flag marked on the chart.
On 4th Jan 18 the stock has broken out of the Flag consolidation. On monthly chart the the stock is seen forming a nice bookish pattern showing a breakout of of Flag pattern. Only catch here is that the monthly candle is yet not finished as its the candle of Jan 18 and Jan 18 will be over only on 31st Jan.
The pattern gives us a target of 660. Lets hope that the stock reaches this level. Time period expected for stock to reach this level is 5-6 months.