Sunday, March 20, 2016

Recommendations of the week 21-25 March

Recommendations for the week 21-25 MArch: 
SUNPHARMA (Sell): Sell SUNPHARMA for target of 790Stoploss at 828  
COLPAL (Buy): Buy COLPAL for target of 851Stoploss at 833 
BHARATFORG (Buy): Buy BHARATFORG for a target of 880Stoploss at 820 

Investors are advised to read disclaimer before buying any stock. 
How have we done during the fall of last one year? 
I have a long only Product Prime Cash. In this product I buy stocks with potentially fast movement over medium term to earn quick gains. A portfolio with strict discipline has made 31.7% excluding brokerage (Rs 63500 on investment of Rs 200000) in last one year. You know how market has fallen over last one year. In-spite of this fall Prime Cas portfolio had 3 positive quarters and cumulative returns of over 31%. 
If you are a medium term trader and want safe portfolio- this one is for you. 
Yearly Subscription charges are increasing from Rs 5000 to Rs 8000 from 1st Apr.  It means subscription is available at discount of 37.5% now.  
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