Friday, January 12, 2018

Learnings of 2017 - 'Musts' being an Equity Investor

  • Believe in your 'theory'
  • Do simple things, simple analysis
  • Do 'short term trading', if you have qualities of a 'Sky Diver'
  • Method of analysis is last thing, first is approach
  • Choose your investing time frame
  • You are different than others, so is your investing style
  • If you rely on someone else's analysis, do so wholeheartedly
  • Reduce the sources of information

  • Invest in business, if you are a long term investor
  • Trade on price, if you are a relatively short term (may be up to one year) trader
  • Fundamental analysis is good, but very few understands it
  • Technical analysis is good, but very few can implement it
  • If you are not making money in markets, take a break, learn
  • If you are loosing money in markets, take a larger break, learn
  • If you are new, don't start with intraday / Options / Futures
  • It takes time to learn making money in markets, period can be upto 5 years
  • Stay away from free tips
  • Do not try to cross check one's recommendations with some one else, if you believe act, else leave 

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