Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ajanta Pharma - Bulls in action

Ajanta Pharma Ltd.

Briefly, Fundamentals about the company-
Company is in manufacturing drugs.
Company has almost zero debt.
Stock is now trading at a PE of 27.
Company has been consistently making profits and the profit growth is 49%

Technical Analysis-
The first chart below is a daily chart showing the chart area between Aug 2014 till date.
You can see a horizontal line marked on the chart. This line acts as a support. This also means that buying was expected to start near support. Rightly so the stock bounce up from the level of 1130.

The second chart below is also a daily chart showing a closer picture. We know that stock moves in repeated cycles of downtrend, sideways trend and uptrend. Once the uptrend starts it is expected to continue for some period of time.
You can see similar Cycle of LTLB (downtrend represented by Lower Top Lower Bottom) followed by a Sideways Cycle and then beginning of Cycle of HTHB (uptrend represented by Higher Top Higher Bottom).
A breakout on 20 Nov and 8 Dec are confirming the start of upward trend.
This is also confirmed by the improved volumes on chart.

Last chart below is a monthly chart. The stock has fallen from around 2120 to level of 1130. This is almost 50% fall from its top. We can assume that the correction cycle of Ajanta pharma is now over and the uptrend started may continue for substantial period to come.
When I wrote this article, the stock was trading near 1445. If one starts accumulating the stock at current  level and wait for period of 1-2 years can reap returns of 70-80% on amount invested. 

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