Friday, December 29, 2017

Update - Up Flag formation- Time Technoplast

Time Technoplast had an up Flag formation on 17 March 17. I have reproduced below the article of analysis done on 17 March. The up Flag formation in Time Technoplast has made the stock move from the then price of 116.45 to 208.9 today. That's a gain of 79% from the recommended price of 116. Keep reading this blog for more such analysis. 

My analysis is based on simple thought process. As all of us know that one has to have patience in stock markets, so is the case here as well. However, my thrust is on taking minimum risk. A CAGR of 40%-50% is what I look forward to. I thrive to have stocks in my watchlist and pick them up when I feel they are ready for an up-move.

Below is the article written on 17 March 2017 on Time Technoplast

Up Flag formation- Time Technoplast

Time Technoplast is a company manufacturing plastic products like Drums, Containers, Conipails, Petsheets etc.

This analysis below is on weekly chart. You can see that the stock was in consolidation phase since Sep 2016. This consolidation was in a broad range of 88 to 100. The consolidation has come after an expansion period which took the stock price from 49 to 100 in period of approximately 9 months.
We know that the periods of expansion are followed by consolidation and so on.
We can expect that the current period of consolidation is over and stock is ready for phase of expansion.

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